Topic: Cheats Codes

1. First start any game (for example ware house)

2. then go to console and type in sv_cheats 1

3. restart your game and go back in too console

4. Finally enter these cheat codes

# = temp (only last a short time)
* = needs sv_cheats to be on to use
> = info for last cheat

a simple list:

sv_cheats 1 (enables cheats)

restart (restarts the map)

fog 000 (re-moves fog until the end of the round)

*god (God Mode)

*noclip (walk though walls)

> controls: W = forward, S = backwards, A = left, D = right, X = up, C = down

impulse 12 (hides weapon)

#cl_jug 1 (says you have jug, but you dont)

#cl_flopper 1 (says you have flopper, but you dont)

#cl_double 1 (says you have double tap, but you dont)

#cl_revive 1 (says you have quick revive, but you dont)

#cl_speed 1 (says you have speed cola, but you dont)

#cl_stamin 1 (says you have stamin up, but you dont)

bind <keyboard button> <cheats> (makes it so a keyboard buttom becomes a cheat short cut)

impulse 11 (enter waypoint editer, needs ju[s]tice's download)

maps (shows all maps that you can play)

map <map name> (load a map)

clear (clears the consle box)

say <type what you want to say> (talk to your friends online) (shortcut is T)

save <save file name> (save your game so far)

load <load file name> (load your saved game)

quit (end NZP)

help (gives you the help page, useless)

sv_gravity <set gravity> (set gravity, 800 is default)

*fly (enter fly mode)

#cl_clipammo <Clip> (change clip ammo amout)

#cl_ammo <ammo> (change remaining ammo)

#cl_rounds <round number> (change the round number)

thats all for now

PunBB bbcode test